Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

Every home theater starts with a seed and then grows from there. The idea for this Long Island project started with homeowner’s wish for “big sound and big picture.” The owner said he wanted to “shake in his seat,” when watching a movie in his personal screening room, and EDG designers didn’t take that lightly. They went straight to Klipsch Pro Cinema for big boxy horn-based speakers — the kind that can knock your shoes and socks off — but that meant knocking out a wall, too, to make room for them. Packing 15-inch woofers, the three KPT-325 speakers were so deep the builder had to move the front wall back a foot to accommodate the depth of the cabinets. With space tolerances down to the quarter inch, all measurements had to be perfect to ensure the proper fit.

Project Team


KSA Architects