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The clients’ main objective was to have the ability to control all lighting and shading in their home, but to also have clean walls that were free of dimmers and switches. With roughly 17,000 square feet of space in the entire home, this was a large task which ended with an exceptionally breathtaking result. The clients requested motorized shades on the architectural style windows in the great room, as well as UV protection for their many rare and antique wood furnishings and fabrics they collect.

One of the challenges we faced was the size of the space. The living room is over 1,600 square feet of open floor plan, which posed a challenge when it came time to control all the shades with only a few options for keypad locations. There were limited options for control, so we created “user-friendly” intuitive shading “scenes” for all keypad locations. The shading scenes were also programmed to manipulate the shades that cover the doorways so that owners can conveniently access the outdoor areas. We also included an infrared remote to easily control all shades in this large space from the different floors and the high-traffic locations in the home, such as the kitchen, dining area and office.

Project Drawings

Project Team

Builder: CSR Group

(973) 667-1600

Electrician: Verona Electric

(201) 991-6574

Lighting Designer: Robert Newell Lighting Design

(908) 654-9304