Tuned To Perfection

There’s no shortage of video options in this spacious New Jersey home. It was designed that way by Electronic Design Group pros who wanted to be sure there was never a family conflict when it came to watching one of the household’s half dozen TVs. From any of the six networked viewing stations in the house, family members can plug in an iPod, queue up videos from Apple TV, view a high-res Blu-ray movie, stream movies on demand from Netflix or Vudu or select from hundreds of DVDs stored on the home’s Kaleidescape server. The family is even covered if two people want to watch a certain movie at the same time. Three zones of Kaleidescape video allow one person to start Twilight, someone else to begin the movie an hour later and a third person to rewind a selected scene without disturbing anyone else’s viewing.

A sophisticated audio/video network makes the whole-house video system click. But while accessibility rules in most of the video zones, the home theater is the go-to space for serious movie screening and sports events. Volume is key to a killer home theater experience, but careful planning and tuning of room acoustics are what makes exceptional theaters stand apart from the pack.

Project Team


Paul Barlo & Associates



Abatare Builders


Interior Designer:

Distinctive Design Group