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Applauded for its power, authority, clarity, and outstanding detail, the award-winning Sony AR Series loudspeakers created a music reproduction revolution. And now the Sony ES loudspeaker series combines many of the technological advancements of its legendary siblings while adding some of its own. The result is a revelation of dynamic musical honesty.


Designed for the pure pleasure of music with a combination of advanced driver technology and uncompromising cabinet construction, the SS-NA2ES floor standing loudspeaker delivers music that’s powerful, natural and with all of its sonic beauty intact.


Sound unrestricted by size, the SS-NA5ES bookshelf speakers have been designed in the image of the floor standing Sony SS-NA2ES loudspeakers, utilizing the same components, cabinet materials and construction integrity to create a listening experience with an exceptionally clear, wide sound stage.


Never out of its depth with music or movies – the Sony SA-NA9ES subwoofer offers the best of both worlds in its flexibility to reproduce diverse audio sources, from the sharp, rhythmic demands of beautifully recorded music to the explosive thunder of the most dynamic movie soundtracks, all with superb sound quality.


Truth is at the center of everything with both video and musical performances readily available in SACD-multi-channel and Blu-ray disc, including Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio, the demands on the center channel speaker have never been greater.

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