Room To Breathe

This client’s large residential home was being designed from the ground up, with a heavy focus on accommodating a theater that their grandchildren, children and family could enjoy together. Our client was interested in creating a comfortable space with a large screen, great sound and unobstructed views. We had an optimal size space to work with; the room was 20 feet wide x 34 feet long with 11-foot ceilings, a great size room. The objective was to seat 10 people comfortably with a bar counter in the rear for an additional seating and in-room dining area.

Working with the spacious dimensions available, we designed the seating layout in 2 rows of 5 seats with connecting arms. You enter the room from the rear by stepping up 2 steps / 12 inches onto a 12 foot platform, then 2 steps down to ground level which houses the front row, at an optimal 16 feet from the screen.  The room was treated with staggered stud construction and an acoustical wall absorption system integrated into the millwork.

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