Meeting on a New Level

Thanks to modern technology, boardrooms no longer need to be cluttered with flip charts, overhead projectors, and white boards. When the president of a prestigious New York bank approached EDG with his vision for a state of the art boardroom, we gladly accepted the challenge. It was obvious that the retrofit conversion of this fixed appointed space would require precise planning, coordination and execution. Creating a high-tech room was a snap, having the room not scream “high tech” was paramount to keeping with the client’s vision.

With a 5-week window to complete the job, not to mention that the room was still being used to conduct meetings, it was key that the job be managed with precision. EDG’s project manager and team leader took control as head consultants from day one, overseeing the electrician and mill worker. Our internal group of engineers, so ware developers, and technicians worked together as a team to ensure that CAD drawings were followed, equipment was tested, and software was debugged all before the equipment entered the room.

Project Drawings

Project Team

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