About IC Realtime

IC Realtime® designs and manufactures integrated security systems and software applications that deliver the maximum levels of protection and flexibility for our business partners and their clients. Our systems are engineered to meet the most challenging installations, weather it is a Government facility or a residential home, ICR will have the right gear to get the job done right.

IC Realtime® has created a suite of intelligent features that incorporate aspects like automatic off-site event driven recording, which guarantees the data is captured during an event regardless if the device is stolen or damaged.

With systems that provide easy, event-driven access, IC Realtime® enables its customers to review events immediately and investigate incidents through a selection of remote access mediums that include internet, mobile phone, PDA, and iPad.

Our Digital Video Recorder (DVR) line features the latest in technology – from an industry leading 16 Terabyte of internal storage to our ‘multi-view’ platform which allows multiple IP addresses to be viewed from one central monitoring station..

At IC Realtime® our systems are engineered to be user friendly with an intuitive, easy to navigate interface. We provide the highest quality of complex security systems that are easy to use at an affordable price.

The IC Realtime® system’s design incorporate superior video compression, high grade video networking and high capacity recording functionality. These systems satisfy the needs of even the most complex installations and stringent standards including those of the ‘Nevada Gaming Standards’.

IC Realtime® is committed to the principle of continuous improvement in the design and manufacturing of innovative security products in accordance with the company’s Quality Management System.

We don’t just deliver product; we deliver robust dependable solutions.

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