Home Theater

A home theater gives you an unlimited number of home entertainment possibilities. Now you can experience something that was once only attainable in a commercial movie theater right in your own home. A home theater system can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. We can design anything from a new plasma screen wall-mounted television with a high-quality sound system to an ultra-high-end home theater room with comfortable reclining theater seats, a home theater projector and wall-sized screen. Add to that integrated residential lighting control systems and automated curtains and shades, and perhaps some concession machines that dispense theater-style popcorn, candy, and sodas, and your home theater can deliver every bit the equivalent of what you experience in a commercial movie theater. EDG accounts for every element in a well-conceived home theater installation.

Home Theater Design

EDG designers take into consideration the ideal room dimensions, wall construction, optimal audio video, lighting control, interior design, surround sound speakers, furnishings, and whether to integrate free-standing or concealed components. We look for ways to optimize acoustics and visual sightlines, and/or hide components per the client’s needs.


Home Theater Equipment Selection

EDG selects equipment for home theater rooms that ensures compatibility among components and optimizes performance according to the client’s desire, budget, and theater layout.

Oversight of Home Theater Construction

EDG works in conjunction with the architect, builder, interior designer, electricians, and other trades to guarantee the most solid and vibration-free home theater surround system possible. We also ensure that the in-wall and in-ceiling cable runs maintain signal integrity and aren’t interfered with by lighting fixtures, radio devices, or other electrical sources.


Home Theater System Design and Engineering

Our engineers will define the wiring paths among components and program the touchscreen or handheld controller for simplified operation by anyone in the house. They’ll also create engineering diagrams required by EDG installation technicians, electricians, millworkers, and other building trades.

System Installation

EDG assembles all home theater racks and home theater equipment in our facility and builds and pre-wires all components as much as possible before delivering to the jobsite. Once on site, we’ll trim and dress all wires for connections, install control systems, perform system tuning and optimization procedures, and then commission and debug the entire system operation. Installing a high-end home movie theater requires intensive design and planning, a thorough understanding of performance requirements for electronics systems, and critical communication with home theater architects, home theater builders, and interior designers in order to meet everyone’s needs. “DIY” is fine for weekend projects, but for an undertaking of this magnitude, turn to EDG to save money and end up with the home movie theater you really want.

For additional home theater images, please see our home theater gallery


Take the next step! EDG proudly offers home theater installations in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. 


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