For just a small monthly fee, a subscription to Netflix offers unlimited access to all the TV shows and movies you could possibly watch. It’s no surprise that Netflix became popular very quickly and overtook competitors like Blockbuster. The only limitation to streaming movies on Netflix is that you’re limited to areas where you have Internet connectivity. If you step beyond the extent of your Wi-Fi connection, for example, you’ll discover a buffering screen as your movie struggles to load.

Some streaming services have gotten around the Internet limitations by offering offline viewing options but Netflix promises it never will. Despite the many requests from customers, Netflix Director, Cliff Edwards, has announced: “It’s never going to happen.” He claims the company is relying on improved Wi-Fi coverage instead to alleviate any need for offline services.

The Director believes an offline mode would be a short-term fix in a society that’s rapidly advancing. Edwards believes that in just five years time, Wi-Fi coverage will be so wide-spread that offline viewing will not be an issue.

The problem here is that while this may be true, public hotspots are rarely free. Many people are unwilling to pay additional fees to connect to the Web. They may be even less likely to do so if they’re already paying the fee for Netflix. Wi-Fi on public transportation and around highly trafficked areas can be expensive so for the time being, the demand for downloadable content will persist.

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