For many people, the majority of their media consumption is transitioning from television to mobile devices. Millennials watch more movies on laptops and tablets than on television sets. For these individuals, a projector makes a lot more sense than a traditional TV for occasional big screen viewing. Xgimi’s new H1 is a great fit for the mobile generation.

The projector is about the size of a medium-sized Bluetooth speaker. It even works as one too! The H1 includes Harman Kardon branded audio. The speakers run the length of the height of the projector. It may look similar to a Sonos speaker but the quality of the sound isn’t quite as sharp. Overall, it can definitely hold its own and offers excellent dialogue for TV and films along with rich music playback.

Setting up a project can be complicating and frustrating- especially when trying to get the perfect angle. The Xgimi H1 has automatic keyframe adjustment making it simple to get an aligned picture without putting in much work at all. This is a huge advantage especially when the total package is small enough that you can take it around with you to different places.

The screen it projects can display up to 300 inches in size with true 1080p output. Since the throw is decent and doesn’t have to be set up far away, the sound it projects will be much better than any far more expensive projector. Picture quality is good. It is clear, crisp, bright, and vivid. It is not going to perform amazingly well with a lot of surrounding light but in a dark space, it is fantastic. With 900 ANSI lumens, it can still project an effective image with reasonable measures being taken to reduce excessive light.

With a built in Android powered system, you really do not need any other devices to get a full home theater experience. The H1 has its own processor, 3GB of RAM, and an Android-based operating system that provides direct access to content-filled apps like Netflix. This is a distinct advantage that most similar products lack. Although the interface is not vanilla Android, Xgimi’s interface is very nice to use. In addition to a great software interface, the H1 still includes two HDMI ports, one USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 port, and an Ethernet port.

The Xgimi H1 may not be as good as bigger home theater projectors, but for a smaller portable device it does not disappoint. It achieves sharp definition even at its largest screen size setting. With a maximum output of 1080p and the ability to read 4K footage, you need not worry about up and coming movies with ultra-high definition content. The Xgimi H1 is currently available for pre-order.

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