GoPro is a brand that sells high-quality action cameras to consumers. Their cameras are perfect for recording fast-paced action from places you wouldn’t ordinarily bring a regular point-and-shoot camera or DSLR. As pioneers of their industry, they’ve made quite a bit of progress in developing their products. In 2004, they released the HERO and HERO+ action cams. These were recently refined in 2014, with their new HERO4 line up. Rumor has it that we may see a new product refresh as early as this year!

Right now, their most expensive camera is the GoPro HERO 4 Black. For $500.00, you can own their professional-quality recording device and record videos at 4K 30 frames per second. For 100 dollars less, you can own their GoPro HERO 4 Silver which is almost the same except it offers a touch screen LCD screen and lacks 4K recording capabilities.

Perhaps their best deal is the GoPro HERO 4 Session which now retails for $200.00. That’s $200 less than its original price listing. So why the decrease? When it was listed for $400.00, many people criticized that it was overpriced and inferior to the equal-value GoPro HERO 4 Silver. If you’ve watched the news lately, you may have heard about GoPro’s falling stock price. It seems the company has been going through a bit of a rough patch recently.

At $200.00, the GoPro Session seems like a great buy. Amazon is filled with tons of poles, selfie-sticks, armbands, and other body gear to put this camera to good use. Equipment is reasonably priced and creates opportunities for shots previously thought to be impossible.

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