At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, TV manufacturers from Japan debuted some of their new 8Ktelevisions sets. In fact, this year CES attendees witnessed a huge leap forward in TV development. We saw a plethora of new curved screens, ultra HD 4K TVs, and of course, the all-new incredible 8K TV screens that are being made.

8K screens feature 4 times the resolution of 4K. To be more precise, it has twice as many pixels both horizontally and vertically. The result is an ultra crisp and impressively high resolution display that looks like a glass window looking out on the world beyond. Allow us to provide a visual representation of this.

As you can see, the pixels are packed much more closely together. This superb quality comes at a cost, of course. The first 8K TV from Sharp is selling in Japan for the equivalent of over 130,000 US dollars. This technology is so new that 8K televisions aren’t yet available to consumers in the states.

8K may be the future standard for television resolution but right now, we think it might be entering the market a little bit ahead of its time. TV stations are just catching up to 1080p and more recently, 4K quality. It will likely take some time before it is widely supported. Plus, problems like file compression make it a challenge to access files larges enough that they would provide the amount of information required for such a high resolution.

In terms of practically, we aren’t so sure 8K is necessary when 4K seems perfectly sufficient as 4K pretty much projects the maximum quality the human eye can perceive. If you extrapolate the data from the graph above, you will understand that higher resolutions offer the most benefits either up close or on large displays. 4K is already more than exceptional when standing up close to it. Ignoring that possibility, 8K’s main advantage will then be its use on huge screens. Whether or not people want such large screens will be a question that can only be answered with time.

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