When it comes to hiding technology, Electronics Design Group can do it all. Need a TV to rise out from the floor? That’s no problem. Want to line your room’s walls with in-wall speakers? We can do that too! How about all of those big servers and devices that control the network of things around your home? Yes, we even hide our racks. Our company is all about integration.

Hidden Televisions

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While it may seem nice to throw up a big flat screen TV on a wall near your pool or right in your bathroom, that huge black panel is less than ideal from a design standpoint. You want technology to work with your decor, not detract from it! Over the years, Electronics Design Group has worked with a diverse set of clients to install waterproof and weatherproof TV sets in backyards in the most discrete ways possible. Some televisions rise up and out from stone walls, others are designed to unfold down from the roof of a brick gazebo. The possibilities for hidden TVs are endless.

Hidden Speakers

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If your home has messy surround-sound speakers and cords laying around and you are looking to get rid of them, then invisible speakers are a great solution for your problem. EDG works with architects and interior designers to place invisible speakers in your wall – not on them. After your walls and ceilings are finished, you will be amazed by how impressive your new top-notch hidden sound system can perform so well completely out of sight.

Hidden Racks

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Automated homes rely on control systems to regulate home networks, manage connections, and keep everything synchronized. While these systems are quite extensive and complex in nature, they do not necessarily have to be bulky and space consuming in your home. The equipment that runs these control systems are typically stored in racks. As devices and their components are shrinking in size, it is becoming possible to fit the same equipment into even less space. This opens the door to a vast number of new places we can now hide our racks within your home.

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