Electronics Design Group (EDG) provides consulting services that follow a reliable 5 step approach. At EDG we like to call it “The 5D’s of Consulting”. The 5D Consulting Process includes steps that assist in discovering, defining, designing, developing, and deploying a client’s electronics integration system. 

EDG engages with clients and/or trade partners via a consultation process that aims at understanding expectations and offering possibilities. The discovery process explores a client’s technology interests and needs (i.e. audio, video, lighting, network, security, HVAC, etc).

The result of this meeting is preliminary budgets as well as documentation needed to build the infrastructure of the project. From there, a client can take those documents and seek bids for deployment of the project. Of course, if a client chooses, EDG would be happy to complete the project’s installation and execution.

The approach taken by EDG offers distinct benefits. Architects, interior designers, builders and other trades appreciate the way EDG works because relevant information is offered very early on in the design process. Plans are designed right away to make for a smoother integration process; to propose ideas without having a design would lead to mistakes and client dissatisfaction. The EDG team prefers to plan, define, and design in order to provide a successful end result.

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