When clients call Electronics Design Group for advice on how to automate their homes, oftentimes they’re unsure of what exactly automation is (and how it fits into the “smart home” model), let alone the level of automation that they want to attain. Drawing from almost 26 years of experience, EDG put together this simple guide to help you decide exactly how “smart” you want your home to be.

Home Control & Automation

Perhaps the standardized test of home intelligence is how automated your home is. Simply put: does your home need constant supervision or can you let it decide what temperature it wants to stay on for the day?

A control system and its automation features is to a house what a brain is to your body - the system enables you to control every electronic in a room (or your entire home) from one (or a few) touch panels.

Setting up a home automation and control system is the icing on the cake when it comes to building (or renovating) a smart home. Savant, Control4 and Crestron, among others, offer touch panels that make it easy for you to control how an entire room reacts to your presence - whether it be to automatically play music when you walk in, or turn off all electronics when you walk out.

Lighting & Motorized Shades

Take a cue form Hollywood: everything depends on perfect lighting. Save money and lessen your carbon footprint in the warmer summer months by utilizing natural light and motorized shades.

Not only does natural light help reset your internal clock, it can make a room look cozier too. Installing motorized shades on windows will help you control the amount of light getting through, as well as double as a privacy screen. The best part? Motorized shades can be integrated into a home’s control and automation system and can be programmed to raise and lower depending on the setting you choose.

Security & Surveillance

Safeguard your family by incorporating a security and surveillance system into your preferred home automation system.

Don’t remember whether or not you locked the door on your way to work? No need to turn the car around - all it takes is a simple press of a button on your smartphone to lock the door, or close the garage. Going on vacation? Many home control systems, such as Savant and Crestron, have a “vacation” mode that locks the house, closes the garage door and makes sure installed CCTVs are up and running for you to check remotely at any time.

Home Theaters & Media Rooms

The entertainment center of a smart home combines power and design in one package. Your private home theater or media room does not need to have wires tangled up, or even be visible at first glance.

EDG is an expert in hidden home technology and can customize your home theater/media room to your taste. Want a room that doubles as a play room? No problem - EDG can hide a TV behind a piece of art, or utilize a TV lift so it can drop down from a hidden compartment in the wall! Speakers can be recessed into the wall or hidden behind acoustically transparent panels so you can enjoy premium sound without boxy speakers strewn around the room.

Outdoor Entertainment

But why limit the fun indoors? Outdoor speakers and weatherproof TVs can be installed in your backyard for you to enjoy warm summer nights. Want a poolhouse cabana with exceptional sound for late-night swims? Not a problem. Lighting and media controls can be integrated in your home control systems so you can spend more time swimming, and less time fiddling with buttons.

Got any questions about EDGs services? Contact us! We’ll be happy to help.

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