On Monday, Apple announced a new application called HomeKit which will allow developers to create new technology specifically designed to work with Apple’s iOS devices. This means there will be opportunities for your iPhone to control various parts of your home including your lighting systems, locks, doors, thermostats, televisions, speakers all with Siri integration. However, this new technology will likely have very little room for client customization – something EDG has excelled in for over 25 years.

Imagine: After a long day of work, you lay down in bed before realizing you forgot to lock the back door, turn off the lights, and turn up the heat. Through the power of Siri’s artificial intelligence, you could have your doors locked, lights turned off, and heat turned up all through short simple voice commands. EDG has the skills and expertise to set up all of this for you and work with your home to make sure back-end equipment is out of sight.

Large companies are already partnering with Apple to make this a reality. Philips, Kwikset, Honeywell, and iHome are a few of the big names that have already jumped on board. The goal of this project is to consolidate all of your devices into one easy-to-use experience so that you won’t have to download third-party applications from manufacturers. The trade off is lack of customization and control. Apple has a reputation for setting strict barriers around what their users can and cannot do. EDG, on the other hand, works with clients to make their customized vision become a reality.

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