Boeing, a large name in the field of aerospace engineering, set out to design an airplane bathroom that won’t turn into a germ-filled nightmare like the airplane bathrooms of today. For anyone who has ever been on a long flight, you likely know how gross and smelly the bathrooms on board can become.

The company has designed a restroom that cleans itself after each visitor with an ultraviolet light, effectively eliminating 99.99% of the germs present each time. Through this germ-killing process, the light eliminates odor-causing bacteria resulting in a restroom that smells much more pleasant.

The bathroom is programmed to only activate its UV light when nobody is inside. (Should the light ever accidentally activate while someone is still inside, it is worth noting that the UV light used here is different than the harmful one that you find in tanning salons.) When a visitor closes the door behind them, the lights pulse and zap germs you left behind. The toilet cover automatically lifts to ensure a thorough cleaning. It takes 3 seconds to finish the whole process.

To further promote a clean environment, Boeing has designed everything to be hands-free. A simple wave of the hand can lift the toilet bowl seat, activate the faucet, soap dispenser, hand dryer, and trash bin. Unfortunately, the door lock mechanism still requires a hand-on approach but the team over at Boeing is working on creating a solution to this. They are also developing a vacuum vent system that can suck up unfortunate accidents that land on the bathroom floor.

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