Macbook Air, Nope. New Windows 8 Ultrabook, Nope.

How about a Chromebook?

So what’s a Chromebook?

Simply, it’s a laptop running Google Chrome OS. If you have used the Chrome browser on a Mac or PC, you already know how to use it.

Why Mom will love it.

Boots fast, usually 10 seconds or less.

Fantastic Battery Life - depending on the model you can go 8 hours on a single charge.

Safe and Secure, Chromebooks update themselves, and have multiple layers of protection. No anti-virus software required. They just work.

Keep those precious memories safe.  Chromebooks come with Google Drive cloud storage, so when accidents happen; if your computer crashes or gets stolen, you can be up and running again in minutes,  all memories intake.

Google apps built in. Does Mom use Microsoft Office? Google has the modern web version of docs, sheets and slides and you can share these files seamlessly in drive. Need more apps, there’s thousands in the Chrome Web Store.

Why you will love it.

Inexpensive, great value $199 for 11.6” or $299 for a 14” screen

No more tech support calls, enough said. 

I got a chromebook for mom, you should too. 

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