Choosing to transform your home into a high-tech haven is the easy part – it’s actually deciding where you want begin that tends to be a bit more challenging. For many, the choice to upgrade your home technology spawns from the interest in control and efficiency. Whether you are motivated by the simple, intuitive management capabilities presented by home automation or genuinely are passionate about energy efficiency and your home’s impact on the environment, home innovations help you to upgrade not only the look and feel of your abode, but also how it operates.

Lighting control is one of easiest ways to begin incorporating smart home technology into your living space. Lutron Electronics, for example, has combined two of the best light features together: light dim-ability and energy efficiency. The benefit of being able to dim your lights on command rather than just turn them on and off is one of the most basic forms of control you can have over your lighting. Through dimming control, users can manage the quantity of the light they want for specific times of the day, different moods, or for varying scenes and scenarios.

Though extremely beneficial, dimmable lights have a history of being rather challenging. Common problems that coincide with dimmable lights are reduced dimming range, dropping out, and the tendency for lights to turn off unexpectedly. These issues tend to contribute to consumer hesitancy when deciding whether or not to integrate dimmable lights. However, Lutron has eradicated these issues from their new line of dimmable lights, by developing a family of CL dimmers for dimmable CFL and LED bulbs. Lutron’s technology ensures that the dimming performance of their bulbs out-shines (pun intended) the competition by keeping the lights on as they are dimmed, making sure they turn on at all light levels, and eliminating/reducing excessive flicker.

Furthermore, lighting solutions, such as those offered by Lutron, are one of the easiest ways to save energy because of their enhanced levels of efficiency. No one knows this better than Lutron, the company that pioneered the light control industry. Dr. Ian Rowbottom identifies that dimming your lights even 20% saves nearly 20% in energy savings—so having access to lights that can dim up to 60%, that is a lot of money going right back into the homeowner’s pocket.

And let’s not forget the ambiance that can be created via lighting control. Thoughtful lighting design plays a significant role when it comes to the comfort, quality and overall efficiency of your home’s lighting. So as you embark on your quest for the ultimate in home control, keep in mind that lighting technology is one of the simplest ways to ease yourself into the smart home – not only does it appeal to your longing for energy efficiency, but the beauty in its design can speak volumes.

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