The Ultimate Backyard Ideas for the Fall Season

Make the most of the space in your own outdoors. 


Your backyard shouldn’t just be a patch of grass used during the few perfect 75 degree days of the year -- turn it into a three seasons resort, because hey, it’s your home!


To maximum the value of your space, there are a few must have features EDG would recommend to include in your backyard sanctuary.

Outdoor TVs


Outdoor TVs are arguably the most desired feature of anyone’s outdoor entertainment space. Whether your budget is high, low, or simply doesn’t exist, a weatherproof 4K Ultra TV is the baseline of any outdoor entertainment center. Rather than sit inside all day, take in some fresh air without missing your favorite shows.

Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are essential to any outdoor space. Typical speakers can play music, but as you walk further away from your house, the music seems to fade. With our outdoor speakers the music will follow you! Whether it’s installing hidden speakers throughout your yard in bushes, or disguised as decorative rocks and flower planters- EDG has a solution to make sure the music is always magically playing.



Outdoor Kitchen and Bar


With the closure of many bars and restaurants due to the restrictions of Covid-19, why not bring the restaurant and bar to you! An outdoor set up with your big screen, grill and bar will make you realize that the luxury of your backyard triumphs any other bar for game day!

Fireplace and Heaters

To ensure you make the most of the year and all the seasons, don’t shy away from using your outdoor space due to a chilly night. The coldest months produce the most beautiful foliage around you! With outdoor heaters, or a fireplace you won’t even realize the chill factor. Go all in on your outdoors and make it a year long resort


Decor and Furniture


Last but not least, lets not forget about the outdoor furniture! Decor and furniture brings a little bit of the inside out. Choose elements that make your outdoor space a little more homier with a touch of your personality. Check out EDG's Houzz account to find similar products and decor from our projects!

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