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Introducing the Ube WiFi Smart Light Dimmer. Ube is already in the market of automated media systems, temperature systems, security systems, and more. Now it has tackled Lighting. It uses your home WiFi to access the lighting of the house in rooms which have the Ube dimmers installed.  The dimmer works with your smartphone to control any dimmable light in the home. It is this type of intuitive design and product that won Ube the People’s Choice Award.

Smartphone Application

The Ube dimmer comes equipped with a smart phone app for control. The multi-touch capabilities allow for multiple gestures which perform tasks to your liking.  From the simplicity of dimming a single light to having control over the entire house, the application gives the user control with a simple swipe of the finger.  The user interface provides convenience as well efficiency and is fully customizable. The app was designed to accommodate any user for any number of rooms with numerous shortcut options.


You will never have to deal with coming home at night to a dark house or be distracted by wondering if you left your lights on when leaving the house. The smartphone application also has a feature which allows you to set “scenes” or environments. You could have preset lighting for various occasions like a romantic background or a weekend party, all bases can be covered.

The installation is equally convenient.  The dimmer unit can be installed by a technology integrator or electrician as easily as any light switch or light dimmer and utilizes the same two wires that any light switch operates with.

Financial Benefits

Another great benefit of the Ube dimmer application is the usage reporting.  The app reports how much the lights and electricity are costing you on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  It also notifies you when the expenditures are costing you more than the previous month.


Ube sought help to move from demo phase to production phase by posting their product to Kickstarter. With a goal of $280,000, Ube was able to achieve that and more within the 45 day Kickstarter campaign. Get updates from their Kickstarter.

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