Smartphone keyboards have adapted with shortcuts to make typing easier and faster. Aside from standard typing, users have the option to type with a Swype keyboard, use shortcuts to produce complete sentences, and can utilize predictive texting features that guess the next word you would have typed. Unfortunately for computers, standard keyboards have not changed much in many years.

A company called Synaptics doesn’t think it makes much sense. The firm is releasing a SmartBar for computer keyboards that turns your spacebar into a touch sensitive surface making gesture controls possible. With this new intuitive keyboard, users can swipe their thumb to select text, pinch to zoom in, and even program up to five “logical buttons” that perform functions based on your needs. These extra features may only save you a couple of seconds but Synaptics is betting that these little time saving tips will add up in the long run.

In terms of making it into your home’s desktop computer, it could still take a while before we see full-blown integration of that magnitude. We are uncertain of how much recognition and support other companies will provide this new product with. If things go well, you could see start seeing it as a new feature on new laptops and desktops hitting the market. If not, it could take a while for this new spacebar to gain traction. Only time will tell!

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