The TrackR Bravo is a device that can be used to locate lost and misplaces belongings. The device is a two-way system to ensure your most important belongings can always be found. Thousands of people are now connecting their most valuable possessions. This small quarter-sized device can make all the difference between getting something back and never seeing it again.

TrackR makes it easy to track the things you attach them to. The gadgets has an app for both iPhones and Android smartphones. The intuitive application can be used to locate any connected TrackR to make sure you never misplace the things you care about ever again.

The coin-sized TrackR bravo can be attached for any item. The app can then be used to locate it within seconds. You can sound an alarm for a missing item or be notified before leaving something you value behind. The nice thing about TrackR is the two directional connection. If, instead, you happen to lose your smartphone, you can use any TrackR bravo to sound an alarm on your phone even if you have it set on silent.

TrackR’s Crowd GPS network will even update you if your item shows up near someone else who has the app installed on their phone. This can help keep you updated on the items latest location on a live map. When another TrackR user is within range of the item, you will be sent a GPS update straight to your phone. This only increases the odds that the item you misplaced will soon be found. 

The device retails for approximately $30.00 online. Prices will vary depending on the website you buy from. There are a variety of colors to choose from ranging from silver, pink, black, and blue. Taking action to implement these now is essential since once something is lost, it’s too late to attach a TrackR.

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