If you’ve ever dreamt had nightmares of robots becoming too much like their organic counterparts, then prepare to fear some more: these new breeds of robot designed under the principles of Biomimicry will make you pee. your. pants.

robodog throwing cinderblocks

That’s robodog throwing cinderblocks over its shoulder like they’re sticks.

Biomimicry is “the conscious emulation of life’s genius,” according to author Janine Benyus. According to Benyus, biomimicry “implies conscious forethought, an active seeking of nature’s advice before something is designed.” With that in mind, scientists have made the most advancements in robotics by looking to Mother Nature for advice on how to design little monsters of their own.

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Don’t want a slimy amphibian but want a low-maintenance pet? Why not get a battery-powered salamander! With the added bonus of having the individual parts of the creepy plastic thing still functioning even if you take them apart!

Wanna see some more creepy pseudo-animals? Head over to Gizmodo for a longer list.

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