. . . And it only costs $10,000.00.

Hard drive space has limited in recent years as high capacity solid state drives have long been significantly more expensive than their hard drive counterparts. Furthermore, with the growing popularity of cloud computing, as seen in services like Google Drive and Dropbox, the need for physical storage has been dropping faster than ever before.

However, the need for physical storage is far from eliminated. Many people still rely on physical storage for all sorts of purposes day-to-day. Unfortunately, solid state drives can limit your available space leaving users bottlenecked, seeking additional storage possibilities.

This is where Samsung’s new PM1633a SSD comes in. The new solid state drive clocks at an incredible 15.56 terabytes of storage space. A device with the power to store this magnitude of data comes at a price with preorders coming in at roughly $10,000.00. Now, not only is this the largest solid state drive ever made but the largest SINGLE hard drive ever to exist! Spinning hard drives seemed to be capped at the 10 terabyte mark. This SSD is a testament to a major engineering feat.

The SSD’s small physical size and gigantic storage capacity signals the beginning of a new computing era. As higher capacity solid state drives become more mainstream, prices will inevitably drop over time and eventually make it down even to entry-level technology consumers. Of course, this $10,000.00 SSD is likely designed with enterprise customers in mind, anyone with the appropriate budget could certainly buy one.

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