David Edwards, the Harvard professor who invented the smell-o-phone, has recently announced that he is bringing his olfactory-focused technology to eBooks and music on a number of systems. Books and songs that feature this integration will be nicknamed “oBooks” and “oSongs”- short for olfactory-books and olfactory-songs.

The pairing between the oBook/oSong and the smell-o-phone allows for very specific scents to be released as indicated. The oBook will come with “scent tags” that connect with other oPhones to release the appropriate scent. As a person reads, they will be able to experience the appropriate smells that correspond with what is being read. oSongs, on the other hand, will trigger specific scents depending on the melody that is played.

The first oBook will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Smelly Version. This is on exhibit in the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. The first oSong will be demonstrated at Le Laboratoire Cambridge beginning April 17th. 

The bad news is that they are nothing but a museum exhibit right now. If they attract enough attention, this technology may become commercially available in the future.
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