The Smart House involves automating things such as lighting, blinds, security system, home entertainment and temperature.

Imagine a smart house. One that can cater to your every whim. Forgot to lock the doors at night? That’s okay, it already did. Is the sunlight too bright to watch your favorite movie? That’s not a problem. Your house will lower the blinds while you stay seated on the couch.

Control 4 Touch panel

Automating the small details in your house–such as lighting, blinds, security systemhome entertainment and even overall temperature–can turn your ordinary home into a smart house. Who needs a butler when you can control everything with a single touch?

Control4, one of three home automation systems that Electronics Design Group incorporates in its projects, allows homeowners to start a movie, lower the shades and turn up the volume at the perfect level with just one touch.

Making your house a ‘savant’ home can be easily achievable by Savant Systems. Savant is an Apple-based home automation platform that addresses control, audio/video, telephony, digital display, energy management and the media integration.

You can even control your home when you’re away through Savant’s seamless integration with iPhones and iPads. Allowing you to know what’s going on in your smart house at all times.

“It’s really amazing how much it changes your life. Everything is automatic and you feel like you live in the future,” says David Devanna who works at EDG.

Savant In-Wall iPad

For environmentally-conscious homeowners, home automation can significantly lower the energy consumption of the entire house. Both Control4 and Savant can monitor your house’s power consumption through an app available on the iPad. The “intelligent lighting” features can automatically turn lights on and off, raise or lower the blinds, and set the temperature to energy-saver levels depending on time, outside temperature and whether or not your family is at home.

“Even though you’re putting in all these new equipment in your house, you still save energy and lessen your carbon footprint in the long run,” said Devanna. “Having control and knowing how much energy you use is the first step to being green. And home automation, with its instinctive features, can make green living almost mindless. You have your own house turning off the lights and all the electronics in a room when you leave, its own climate control that reduces the demands on your heating and cooling systems based on outside temperatures.”

Home automation is also a foolproof way to control your security. Crestron, another home automation system, allows you to lock your doors and arm your alarm system away from home right on your iPhone.

You can pull into your driveway and have your house automatically light the path to your front door. Your smart house can take the form of a virtual nanny. It can email or text you notifications for when your kids arrive home from school, if a medicine chest or liquor cabinet has been unlocked, and even allow you to interface with home healthcare providers if you’re concerned with an elderly loved one.

Listening to music can be a completely different experience with home automation. With Crestron, you can easily access your song catalog from a touch panel in the wall, and listen to whatever fits your mood in any room of your smart house.

Crestron Touch Panel

The entire system just blends in with your everyday life. It’s not something that sticks out and looks out-of-place with everything else in your house, and it’s not something that has a learning curve. It’s completely intuitive.

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