The Runcible is a gadget that possesses many of the same capabilities as a smartphone but allows for a “quieter” user experience. The device itself is circular in shape and has a vintage look. The creator, Monohm, believes that smartphones are now associated with an endless stream of notifications. The company’s founder and CEO describes the Runcible as a “quieter” gadget that helps people live in the moment while remaining connected online.

Some modern devices, like recent smartwatches, are focused on making notifications more manageable by designing short bits of information that can be interpreted with a quick glance. Runcible, however, is a standalone device. If you’re going out with friends, the Runcible will still allow you to make calls, ask for directions, or search the web. Conversely, you won’t be tempted (or able) to check Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

Aiming to create a more peaceful and relaxing experience, the creators looked to compasses and pocket watches for inspiration. The unorthodox build is a circular display on one side and a smoothly curved piece of wood on the other. Users have described holding it as “calming”.

The Runcible is intended to introduce a new product category that sits somewhere between wearables and smartphones. It’s small enough that you can carry it in your pocket but still possesses highly-capable and common connectivity systems including WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, and NFC. To delay the Runcible’s lifespan, the company has made the watch easily fixable and upgradable. Various internal parts can be removed and replaced. Monohm hopes families will treat their device as an “electronic heirloom” and pass it down to future generations.

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