For years on top of years, one of the greatest challenges faced by computers has been vision. With the creation of camera and optical equipment, computers could be given visual information but processing it took much longer to figure out. A new app called The Roll from a company called EyeEm has coded a program that can determine which of the tens of thousands of photos on your phone are worth keeping! The software uses “computer vision” to tag your images and rank them based on how good they are.

The Roll is a huge step forward in software development. Being able to interpret data in this fashion and to make an executive decision based on it is a major solution to a problem the industry has been wrestling with for years. The Roll does everything Apple’s Camera Roll does plus more! Its computer vision can also tags images with words that it “sees” for easier locating in the future. How useful is that?

In this new app, images are sorted by topic, location, event, and “best shot” from each. Similar photos are stacked placing images with the “nicest aesthetic” on top! In a more detailed viewing option, users can see the actual scores that help rank each of the photos. When the app is used for the first time, it analyzes all of the photos currently on the device. Their algorithm uses over 20,000 tags and scans for both quality and commercial value.

The program’s goal is to categorize the trillions of photos we take each day and bring out the top of the top. Tagging is both comprehensive and accurate in consumer testing. The Roll is an outstanding solution for people who take multiple shots at a time but never delete the “less good” versions of the picture. As for quality scoring, the app also does extremely well. It is not perfect yet, users may at times disagree over which photo is better, though it does do an outstanding job at filtering out sub-optimal photos.

Something like this has the potential to change the way we handle photography. It is no longer necessary to manually tag images to find them in the future. The Roll gives you access to finding photographs that you previously did not have. In other words, The Roll is like the new “Google” of photography! With software so powerful, I would not be surprised to later discover that a major company like Apple or Google purchased licensing rights to their code for deeper software integration.

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