Fujifilm recently released the new X-T2 mirrorless camera along with a wide variety of lenses and accessories. It made its debut along with 22 other compatible lenses. The camera’s design looks quite similar to its 2 year old predecessor and is only slightly larger this time around. The design was effective with the first iteration so Fujifilm opted not to mess with it.

The camera is built around what Fujifilm calls a “central viewfinder style.” The device weighs approximately 1.1 pounds, is fully water and dust resistant, and is capable of operating at extremely low temperatures.

One of the most major upgrades is the added ability to shoot in 4K video at 24, 25, or 30 frames per second. The sensor is now an incredible 24.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS III sensor. In the T1, the sensor was only 16 megapixels. Inside the camera is a new X-Processor Pro chip designed to offer the shooter better autofocus with 325 single points.

The camera is priced around $1,600.00. This is the starting price for the body alone. For an additional $300.00, it will come with a kit zoom lens that is 8-55mm. Compared to other mirrorless options on the market, this camera might be considered a bit expensive. This is a significant increase over its predecessor but from the reviews posted so far, it seems users will get what they pay for.

The Fujifilm X-T2 fits comfortably in the hand. It is lightweight and the layout of buttons has mostly stayed the same compared to past generations. There is an optional Vertical Power Booster Grip that adds bulk to the camera but also packs an additional two batteries. For example, when recording 4K video, this will extend the recording time from just 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

The camera’s ISO has been increased a fair amount from 6,400 to 12,800. The autofocus works ridiculously fast which has long been a feat mirrorless cameras have struggled with. Shooting in 4K is made easy with this camera. Even a beginner would be able to learn this camera’s ins-and-outs. With a viewfinder, shooting outdoors is not a problem. Plus, the three-inch articulating screen with newly added left and right flexibility allows for three-directional tilting. Shooting has never been more convenient.

Fujifilm has built a high quality mirrorless camera with simply outstanding components. The new X-T2 will launch in September.

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