I write this post as I wait in line for the most exclusive website on the World Wide Web. The website only allows one person to visit at a time. For a total of 60 seconds. After that, you’re forced out and the person in line behind you is welcomed in. According to my calculations, it will be more than 387 hours before I get my minute on the Most Exclusive Website. So I only have to wait a little over 2 weeks for my turn.

Justin Foley, the website’s designer, told The Washington Post that he made the website because it is the exact opposite of what the internet is “supposed” to be.  It’s not open and it’s not accessible to everyone.

As for what is on the website… that should remain a secret. It is only for those of us who make it inside. Rumor has it the site may contain pictures of an “internet-famous animal” but we cannot confirm whether or not these rumors are true. Statistics indicate that for every nine people waiting in line, eight leave before they get the chance to have their turn on the website.

If you choose to wait in line, be sure not to accidentally close the tab. And you absolutely must make sure your laptop is plugged in. Good luck!

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