Achieving the peaceful “zen” that yoga instructors always talk about is hard to attain in a world where stress is second nature. With everything that life throws at us, the last thing we tend to think about are deep-breathing exercises and clean living.

A simple, uncluttered house may mean the difference between coming home to more anxiety or coming home to a clean mind. But these days, with the amount of electronics that are in a house, it’s hard to keep a room look like its free of devices and their wires.

However, there is no need to sacrifice technology for simplicity. No longer the big and intrusive machines of 10 years ago, this decade’s gadgets are small and sleek, and can even modernize the look of a room. Lights, TVs, speakers and anything else that is wired can easy be incorporated and/or hidden within the design of the room itself.

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Too many light switches in a room can age it and make it look unappealing. Lutron lighting, with its energy saving features and varying degrees of light, can be controlled using touchpad technology or even from an iOS/Android device. Removing the need for all those ugly switches and dials.

Recessing a TV into the wall is another way to keep a room looking neat and tidy. Giant speakers that would otherwise be an eyesore can be hidden within the walls, behind acoustic panels that may even improve sound quality and the home theater experience.

Home entertainment systems tend to be the biggest pieces of technology in a house. One solution is to place it in a pop-up mount, where the TV will rise at the push of a button; another would be to utilize a hidden projector/screen system that can be easily automated to tuck itself away in the ceiling.

Motorized shades (pictured above) can also simplify a room and give it two more added bonuses: energy-saving and instant privacy. With a push of a button, the room changes from a naturally lit, open layout, to one that is dimmed and secluded. Motorized shades can also be controlled via the same touchpad technology that control the lighting.

Mood lighting can be added to a room to help you better relax, as well as improve upon its design and highlight certain focal points. Many custom lighting installations can be automated to a preset setting in order to eliminate the need to fiddle with controls.

In the bedroom pictured above, the TV is recessed into the wall, in accordance with the minimalist theme, and visible speakers are limited to two, although there are certainly more hidden within the walls themselves. The shades are motorized and all the electronics in the room, including lighting, home entertainment, and heating/cooling, are controlled with an iPad (not pictured).

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