Lumo has officially launched its smart running sensor: the Lumo Run. The company has taken a less common approach to wearable technology focusing more on the device as a garment. Typically, we see health tracking devices introduced in a watch or wristband form factor. The Lumo pants originally required a sensor to rest in a special pocket to get accurate readings. However, now you can take them for a run with any pants you’d like.

The Lumo Run’s sensor works by placing it in a special clip that comes with the sensor. That is then clipped onto the back of any pair of running pants. Make sure the sensor is powered up before you begin your workout! To indicate that it is ready to go, a green light will illuminate at the bottom of the sensor. In terms of placement, Lumo recommends attaching the USB plug towards the bottom of the club for the most accurate results.

Users can download the Lumo Run app and create a personal profile. The app on your phone will locate your sensor once everything is set up correctly. From there, Lumo will begin to guide you on a 10-minute test run to find out all your weaknesses. This is one of the most useful aspects of the device. For example, it may notify you that you move your hips too much from side to side while running. If your cadence is within the goal parameters you’ve established for yourself, a bell will ring to let you know. The Lumo app can determine what your standard goals should be based on your height, weight, gender, and fitness level.

Lumo Run tracks distance, pace, and running goals in a similar way to many other fitness devices and apps out on the market. However, the main focus is on improving the way in which you run. Form is important for preventing injury, as almost any running expert will tell you. Poor form leads to all sorts of problems with your back and knees and could mean the difference in race time, distance, and how much you’ll enjoy running later on down the road.

The device also deviates from other fitness trackers like the Apple Watch, Jawbone or Fitbit in that it does not track the calories you burned during activity, your sleep cycle, or overall steps throughout the day – basically Lumo Run eliminates any data not pertaining to posture. Lumo’s running app will also guide you through improvements as you run and provides coaching videos to show you how to improve your run over time.

The Lumo Run sensor goes for $99.99 online and the men’s shorts and women’s capris with the sensor clip will round you up to $200.

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