A photography startup called Light launched a new camera called the L16. This new device is a multi-aperture computational camera that comes equipped with 16 individual lenses. The cool part is that despite having all of these individual lenses, the camera is as thin as a cell phone and significantly less bulky compared to DSLRs.

When a photo is captured, the Light L16 uses all 16 lenses to record the photo simultaneously at different focal lengths. This allows the device to capture more data in every shot. The L16 then turns all of the pictures into one single 52-megapixel image.

The L16 is based on Android OS and has built-in WiFi, allowing users to post their pictures to social media accounts right from the device! It comes with an integrated 35mm-150mm optical zoom and a 5″ touchscreen display.

If you were hoping to pick one of these up instead of buying a new DSLR- don’t expect to save too much! The expense is still a hefty $1,699 to purchase one. This is comparable and maybe even more expensive than similar consumer entry-level cameras on the market.

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