Klipsch has been in operation for over 70 years. This means that Klipsch has been selling its flagship Klipschorn floorstanding speakers for over 70 years now. The gorgeous wooden frame the speaker comes in was originally designed to occupy the corner of a room, out of the way but ready to be admired. The speaker features patented horn-loaded technology designed by the company’s founder Paul W. Klipsch.

To celebrate a fantastic 70 years of continuous production of its beloved founding product, Klipsch is welcoming a special edition of its Klipschorn this year. Restricted to just 70 units, the special edition units will be quite rare. All of them will be made with Australian walnut veneer. The low-frequency horn has been enclosed permitting for more flexible placement within a home. The original units would depend on the walls and floors in the room to bounce sound around in order to achieve low-range extension and efficiency. Aside from those two changes, the 70 year special edition will not be all that different from the original.

At first glance, the Klipschorn feels like a retro accessory for the modern home. However, upon closer inspection we realize that the speaker is retro in the same way that a Porsche’s design could be considered so. The design may be impervious to change and a faddish trend for years to come but at the end of the day, what does this say about it? It is a symbol of a good, enduring design that isn’t going anyway anytime soon.
The 70th Anniversary special edition Klipschorn speaker will be handmade in Hope, Arkansas. The price point will be around $16,000.00. Be sure to keep an eye out if you are interested in owning one!
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