Given the rise in popularity of smart-watches and wearable fitness trackers, it was only a matter of time before smart jewelry made its way into the picture. The new Tago Arc is an e-ink bracelet in the making. If funding is successful, the bracelet should appear on the market by next December.

The e-ink bracelet will bring together a flexible e-ink bracelet and Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology to make it possible to load new designs simply by holding your phone up to it. This will only be possible on Android devices since Apple currently locks down their NFC chip for Apple Pay use only.

An interesting aspect of the bracelet’s design is it lacks the need for an on-board battery. The NFC chip draws the power it requires to function from the mobile device’s battery when the transfer is in process. When an e-ink display shows an image, it does not draw power so no battery is needed to maintain that active picture.

The makers are currently in the process of optimizing the picture transfer speeds. While it currently takes approximately 14 or 15 seconds for the picture to transfer, the product designers believe that through algorithm compression and modifications, the speeds can be cut down to 1/4th of the current speed.

The Tago Arc will feature a marketplace where users can buy images and designs or load their own. The bracelet itself will be made of surgical stainless steel with three color options. The expected price is currently $259 per bracelet. Premium precious metal versions will also be available at a far higher cost.

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