The Feniks Essence speakers are simple, sleek, and seriously appealing to a niche section of the market. They cost over $1,200 for those who backed their company on Kickstarter from the very beginning. The design was thoughtful and built with aesthetic in mind. The construction is brilliant and delivers high-end performance.

Most users considering purchasing the Essence are likely interested in a luxury device. With the rapid update cycle of most electronics nowadays, consumers may be hesitant to spend more money upfront on a high end device. However, this is what makes speakers and headphones special: you can buy a good one today and enjoy it for decades to come. (At least, that’s the expectation given what we’ve seen so far.)

With such a hefty price tag, you may wonder what differentiates this speaker from less expensive options on the market. The Essence are high quality speakers with louder sound capabilities than what you what expect given their compact size. Upon first glance, and perhaps most notable, is their straightforward and intuitive setup. Users have the option of plugging them in via USB or with a good old analog 3.5mm connection (that may soon be outdated with the shift towards wireless.) The right-side speaker acts as the base, linking up to the left and offering a very Apple~esque wheel on the top that rotates to control the volume. An additional subwoofer or headphones can be connected as well.

The design is unique. Feniks didn’t cut any corners in crafting this device. Every visible surface on the speaker is made of industrial metal. Three thick slabs of die-cast aluminum are held together by an internal tension rod that eliminates undesirable resonance. The most impressive aspect of the Feniks Essence is the stereo imaging it provides. The speakers project sound so naturally that they put the iMac’s downward-firing speaker sound like just that.

For people who enjoy innovative designs, they will enjoy these advanced speakers. For those who are lucky enough to have them, they will likely not be disappointed. Is the Essence’s four digit price tag justified? For the average consumer, probably not. But for those with the appropriate budget, the Essence certainly makes a name for itself.

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