Roughly one year ago, French audio company Devialet released the original Phantom: a massive wireless bulbous speaker that had the capability of hitting volumes up to 105db. Today, the company is taking things to the next level with their all-new Gold Phantom which has twice the amount of power as last year’s Phantom Silver and an incredible 8 times more output than the standard Phantom.

The Gold Phantom has the same design and shape as last year’s models. The main outer difference is the 22k gold plating covering the sides. On the inside, the speaker has a new titanium tweeter and hybrid amp that generates over 4,500 watts of power. Devialet claims the new speaker is capable of hitting 108db, which requires twice as much power as 105db. At the volume levels we are talking about here, OSHA recommends less than one hour of exposure each day in order to prevent hearing loss.

Despite the fact that this is not exactly recommended, up to eight Gold Phantoms can be linked together if you really want to blast out all other noise. Of course, the volume need not be maxed out at 100% to appreciate the sounds coming from the device. At lower volumes, the Gold has a presence and range exceeding other speakers. The Devialet excels in producing mid-range tones, exceptionally replicates high frequencies, and does well with low frequencies although the subwoofer could be better.

The Gold Phantom supports a proprietary app made by the company. It can also connect via Bluetooth or Spotify Connect. The company notes that it will add more wireless functionality in the future. The Gold Phantom will be available for purchase this summer for $3,000.00.

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