The Apple Watch goes on sale April 24, 2015. The new watch will be offered in a variety of styles and colors. A high-end gold edition of the watch will sell for around $10,000. Rumor has it that people who buy the gold edition Apple Watch will receive special red carpet treatment at Apple Stores. People wearing a gold watch will get to skip the queues whenever they need help. Wearers will also be bumped to the front of line when making a purchase.

Most consumers interested in purchasing an Apple Watch will spend about 15 minutes at the table trying out the watch prior to making a purchase. Those who are interested in the gold Apple Watch will be granted one whole hour to try out the watch in a private area with an Apple Watch expert.

This type of VIP service is not uncommon to the luxury world but it seems a bit unusual coming from a company like Apple that will gladly sell you a $50 MP3 player. At the same time, Apple does sell high quality products like their slim aluminum MacBook Pro. With an interest in catering towards premium products, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to see such a high-end watch being offered in their new lineup.

It’s nice to see that you get more than just bragging rights from purchasing such an expensive item. The standard stainless steel Apple Watch will also offer similar services including assistance in setting it up and tech support, while lacking the first-class service that Gold Apple Watch wearers will receive. Those who have the Watch Sport edition will receive the same service that iPhone owners receive.

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