In recent months, we have observed a surge in home air quality monitoring systems across the industry. Dyson in particular has been pushing to raise pollution awareness alongside their line of air purifiers. Now, a company called Netatmo, is jumping on the trend too. The device in the image below looks similar in nature to Netatmo’s Welcome connected camera except rather than touting a fancy lens, this little tower will host a plethora of environmental sensors instead.

The Healthy Home Coach monitors air quality, humidity, temperature, and noise in real time. Beyond keeping a record of information about your home’s microclimate, there is nothing else the device can or will actually do the data it collects. The information that is recorded can be viewed from a companion mobile app that will tell you when your home needs a proper airing if pollution surpasses a certain level. In addition, it can advise you to help you obtain the optimal humidity as well as the right temperature to keep things feeling comfortable at all times. Essentially, it provides the data and it is up to you to act on that insight.

With a device like this, it becomes much more simple to make sure the air you are breathing is clean, comfortable, and controlled to be just to your liking. While other competing products are out there, this is the most seamless integration of several sensors into one small, elegant, compact device that can blend right into your home’s natural decor.

The Healthy Home Coach from Netatmo has launched worldwide and can be purchased for $100.00 depending on what region you are from. It can be purchased directly from Netatmo’s website or you can order one though other retailers like Amazon, Lowes, Best Buy, or even the Home Depot.

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