California-based electric automobile manufacturer Tesla met with Palo Alto city leaders last week to discuss a building code change that will require new homes to be pre-wired for EV chargers.

The company, whose stock prices saw a 400% increase from the beginning of the year, is headquartered in the Silicon Valley-city. The amendment is set to be finalized in the next 90 days, and was met with a unanimous vote between the nine city council members.

The cost of rewiring a home to include an in-house EV charger is around $800, compared to about $200 when pre-wiring during construction.

“No one makes money on it. I’m wondering if in the long run we are not inhibiting the growth of popular usage of electric vehicles because we are mandating leading-edge places where this stuff is free,” said Greg Schmid. “There’s no incentive to create networks through our communities.”

Residents who spoke at the city council meeting were enthusiastic about “putting EV readiness on the city’s radar.”

[Via Jalopnik and San Jose Mercury News.]

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