Last week, Tesla revealed their new solar roof tiles. Up until now, I believe most people underestimated the potential of just how big of a deal solar tiles could be. Tesla has figured out a way to make solar roofing tiles both fashionable and practical. In a world where we are trying to wean off our dependency on fossil fuels, an innovation like this could be just what we need.

I have heard from some people suggesting that this is nothing new. Critics believe Tesla may lack the ability to sway consumers with a solar solution that sounds like it will have large up front installation costs. Others are unclear as to how this move fits into the company’s overall strategy. What no one can deny is that looks matter in today’s market. It may be easy to dismiss the aesthetic of how Tesla’s tiles appear, but it is actually a serious and important consideration for homeowners looking to build new homes or revamp their existing ones.

The tiles come in four distinct styles: textured glass, slate glass, tuscan glass, and smooth glass. For consumers with a flexible budget, you have the benefit of selecting the perfect tile to ensure your home looks as incredible as it possibly can. Right now, Tesla is trying to jump with an item that is somewhat of an oddity in hopes of it becoming a mainstream mainstay.

Tesla has been described as the Apple of the automotive industry. In this regard, it wouldn’t be that hard to fathom their car customers transitioning into solar roofing customers just as an iPhone user might go on to purchase a Mac, in an entirely different product category. This presents a great new business opportunity for Tesla: a company recognized for outstanding customer satisfaction and brand commitment.

The solar tiles claim to be capable of powering a standard home. They could provide spare power via the Powerwall 2 battery in case inclement weather or some other outage limits outside power. Tesla’s CEO claims the overall cost would still be less than installing a regular old roof and paying the electric company for power from convention sources. The tiles are more resilient than traditional roofing materials like terra-cotta, clay, and slate in particular. Eliminating the risk of potential damage from the elements, the tiles make for an even better long-term roofing plan outlasting the present day 20 year standard.

These tiles could become more efficient than existing solar panels. In their current form, they achieve 98% of the efficiency of regular panels. Tesla and 3M are teaming up to create a special coating that would make the panels even more efficient. This is definitely a step in the right direction and Tesla could definitely change how we think about renewable energy.

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