At this year’s CES, L’Oreal announced a new product that will warn you if you’ve been exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. The new sensor, known as My UV Patch, looks like a heart sticker and can be worn for several days.

The sensor is free and hopes to educate consumers on the importance of skin cancer prevention. Furthermore, it will help reduce the sun’s impact on aging from extended UV exposure.

With this patch, users can upload a snapshot of it to the La Roche-Posay L’Oreal app to determine how much UV exposure they have experienced. The app will be available later this year.

Another company, Suncayr, is in the process of releasing a similar product. Using a special ink, Suncayr will provide you with a special ink tattoo that will change from clear (when sunscreen is applied properly) to dark purple (once the sunscreen has washed away and the sun’s harmful UV rays are penetrating the skin.)

With proper usage, these products can be used to self-monitor sun exposure and prevent the risk of sun burn and future skin cancer. We know one of the two products will be free so hopefully this will pick up and we will see them more widely available and accessible to consumers.

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