A new app called Strings is trying to fuse together pre-existing services including iMessage, GroupMe, and Snapchat. The main goal is to foster a consent culture around mobile messaging. At one time, everything on the internet was permanent. Then, sometime this century, programmers began to toy around with the idea of mendable digital media. Things could be done and undone. To some extent, deletion was possible.

Two noteworthy examples of this were Snapchat, where messages could be viewed once before deleting forever, and a subtle new feature in GMail that gave users the option to “take back” an e-mail they sent a bit too soon.

With a new app called Strings, users can communicate like they would in any other application (via text, pictures and videos) but if the people in the chat want to save any of that media locally, they have to ask you for your permission!

Another cool feature is the ability to edit and alter what has already been sent. Have you ever sent a text before noticing you spelled a word incorrectly? This would allow you to go back and fix that message.

Like Snapchat, if someone screenshots anything within the app, not only will your friends be informed about it, but they will be given a warning too. Keep that in mind!

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