Every year Stereophile, a magazine that focuses on high end audio equipment, publishes a list of their recommended audio components. This year they have released an application ‘Stereophile Recomended Components 2012‘ for the iPad. This App shows you reviews of the top 700 audio products as chosen by the Sterophile Editors. You can find reviews on anything from turntables to speakers to recording equipment. Each review shows the product name, the price, a review and the magazine that the product appeared in. Since the magazine has limited space the iPad App has information that did not make it into the published list.

The most valuable feature is that you can tag and keep track of equipment right in the App. This allows you to not only save a list of equipment that you may be intersted in but also easily refer back to the review if you would like. Many of the reviews even have a link to their website where you can read a longer reveiw of the product.

While the content is amazing the App is slightly dissapointing. It doesn’t take advantage of the many features that iOS has. The biggest example is that to go to the next page you have to click a button on the page instead of swiping or scrolling. If the App took advantage of these features it would be a much better experience. Putting that aside it is a must have if you want to easily compare equipment or put together a full system wish list.

Stereophile has been around since 1962 and has real experience when it comes to audo. In addition to their print magazine they also offer a digital version of their magazine on a variety of devices. They really are a go to source for reliable audio equipment information.

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