Ever since the Keurig was introduced, coffee pods have been a rapidly growing item for homes and small businesses look for a simple and fast way to brew a cup of coffee. A new startup called Spinn wants you to know that it can brew a convenient single cup of coffee without requiring the endless purchase of expensive and wasteful coffee pods.

The price of coffee pods actually adds up pretty quickly. Many people are completely oblivious to the amount of coffee they consume each week. Some people began to look for cheaper alternative after noticing how many pods they were using each month. Companies like Keurig caught on and in fear of losing sales, they began producing new machines that would only brew coffee after scanning the plastic label on top of the pod to find specific barcodes. This would force users to buy, say, Keurig machines and Keurig pods. The most affordable alternative was to self-brew the coffee yourself.

Then Spinn came along and introduced the all new coffee machine that has been marketed as the future of coffee making. The Spinn machines vary in size and are able to take whole coffee beans. They can grind them, heat them, and brew them without any human interaction or plastic waste. This is a major improvement over having to buy proprietary coffee pods.

Spinn connects to its companion app available for both iOS and Android. The connection over Wi-Fi can be used to specify how you would like the coffee made, including the time when it will be made. This can also be done directly on the machine or even through Alexa if you have the Amazon-powered device. The Spinn can make a shot of espresso or a latte with the larger machine that includes a milk steamer. The app even makes it easy to order coffee beans. The machine is already available for preorder and the least expensive model starts at $300.00.

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