Sony Electronics has announced their newest flagship line of 4K LCD televisions called the “Z Series.”

The new lineup is ranked above the Sony X series in terms of build quality and screen quality. It incorporates the company’s most recent HDR (high dynamic range) and 4K image processor for phenomenal contrast and color accuracy.  The Z Series runs on a platform of Android from Google Inc. There is, however, a custom interface overlaying it that has been designed by Sony.

The Z series is a major advance in TV technology. This television brings the 4K HDR viewing experience to a whole new level. Mike Fasulo, Sony Electronics president and chief operating officer, said in one statement, “With expertise in both the creative and the technical aspects of 4K HDR shooting, editing, recording, transmission and display, Sony understands 4K HDR like no other company. The Z series is a direct result of that unique partnership between our engineering and creative teams.”

Executives from Sony said this TV will only support the HDR10 format that both Sony and Samsung have been pushing more recently. In other words, Dolby Vision likely won’t be supported. As HDR movies and Tv shows become more common, it is becoming complicated for consumers to now whether their TV’s hardware is able to support the format. Fortunately for us, streaming services like Netflix are now making HDR content available in both HDR and standard formats. TV makers like Vizio are trying to get sets compatible with both.

There are three models available within the Z Series product line. The least expensive 65-inch XBR65Z9D TV sells for $7,000.00. From there, the price goes up to $10,000.00 for the 75-inch XBR75Z9D. There is even a 100-inch XBR100Z9D with an undisclosed price. The 65 and 75 inch models are available for pre-order today on Sony’s website. The 100 inch model will not be available until later this year.

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