Sonos has recently announced a software update that allows its Sonos Soundbar Playbar to integrate with any third-party rear speakers to create a 5.1 surround sound system.

The Playbar Soundbar, when paired with two Play 3 speakers, can create a ‘simulated’ 5.1 experience. The software update, available this month (October ’13), will make it possible for the Connect Amp to drive two rear channels (hardwired directly or wirelessly) of any third-party speaker. This will enhance the home theater audio experience for consumers who prefer a true 5.1 system.

The software update is as simple as a push of a button and only takes “approximately two minutes.” After the software is updated, an installing dealer can pair the Connect amp to the Playbar.

“Since we launched, we have approximately over 2 million rooms installed,” says Eric Nielsen, Sonos’ senior PR manager. “Sonos and CI dealers share a passion to fill homes with music.”

Electronics Design Group has long had a great working relationship with Sonos and has successfully installed many Sonos audio systems. If you currently have Sonos, or are looking at Sonos as a possible technology solution, contact us and we can send a technician to speak with you about the possibilities.

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