A small company called BeON has designed a smart light bulb that takes into consideration all of your lighting needs from safety to security. 

BeON learns your lighting habits so it is able to make it seem like you’re home even when you’re not. By keeping track of these patterns, it can automatically initiate the same sequence when set to do so. This can effectively deter burglars because your home would appear as if you were in it, just like any other day.

Speaking of burglars, the smart light bulb has additional features to keep your home safe when you’re away. The bulb will actively listen for your doorbell and turn on the lights (in the same order you normally would) to make it seem as if you were alerted and in the process of getting ready to answer the door.

In the case of an emergency or black out, each bulb has a backup power source. If your smoke detector goes off, the bulb will recognize the noise and light the way out during a fire.

When turning the bulbs off, instead of instantly turning off, each bulb can fade off gradually. This gives people just enough time to turn off the lights and exit a room before the room is left in total darkness. To top it off, all of the lights can be completely controlled via a smartphone app that will be available on Android and iOS.

BeON is currently crowd-funding the project in an effort to get its bulbs to market. Various pledging options are available if you’d like to help the project. You can view their page here and scroll down to watch a video of their bulbs in action. If everything stays on track, the bulbs should be available between April and August 2015.

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