Sharp Electronics has officially unveiled its flagship 90-inch AQUOS LED TV, a true piece of entertainment beauty and what is considered the World’s largest LED HDTV. (Largest also happens to me most expensive, with a retail price of $10,000.99.) 

The 90-inch AQUOS LED TV heralds full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with 3D capabilities. It supports a whole host of Smart TV components including: Netflix, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus and Vudu.

Acting as the cornerstone to any over-the-top family room, man cave or home theater, the large-screen 3D line of Sharp’s AQUOS smart LED technology delivers sharp and vibrant picture quality without glare. Measuring in at a whopping 4 feet in height and 5-inches in thickness, Sharp’s new AQUOS weighs 142 pounds without a table stand and uses an aluminum screen bezel similar to the ones found in the Elite TV lineup.

To sweeten the pot, Sharp is throwing in a pair of 3D glasses to further enhance your movie-watching, game-playing, luxury entertainment experience.

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